Ransomware Decryption Tools

AES_NI is a ransomware decryption tool created by Avast and allows you to decrypt your encrypted data and files, and download them.

Alcatraz Locker is a very serious ransomware decryption malware that is being used, with an estimated ransom demand of $350. There is a free decryption tool that can be used to reverse this.

Apocalypse Ransomware encrypts people’s files and holds them hostage, but fortunately, Emsisoft has released a decryptor to counter this.

BadBlock works via system infiltration, and this is something that can cause a lot of chaos in your business. So, you should check out the tool that helps you to remove it from your system as soon as possible.

The Bart ransomware decryption tool was released for download in 2017, and works for all known samples and iterations.

BigBobRoss is one of the main ransomwares that works through Microsoft Windows. Luckily, Emsisoft and Avast have released free decryptors to help with this.

BTCWare is very clever as a ransomware, because of the fact that it attempts to delete shadow copies to make it harder to reduce chances of recovery. Use the free BTCWare removal software to help with this.

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