MS Dhoni To take Medical Advice For Knee Injury

"CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan Reveals MS Dhoni's Plan to Seek Medical Advice for Knee Injury: Aiming for Swift Recovery"

"Seeking Expert Opinion: MS Dhoni to Consult Sports Orthopaedics in Mumbai for Knee Injury Evaluation, Decision on Treatment Awaited, says CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan"

Chennai Super Kings' CEO, Kasi Viswanathan, revealed on Wednesday that MS Dhoni will be seeking the opinion of sports orthopaedics in Mumbai regarding the condition of his left knee. The former Indian captain had played the entire IPL season with a heavily strapped knee, showing resilience while keeping wickets. However, his batting position was often pushed down, and he seemed less agile while running between the wickets. Despite this, Dhoni had expressed his intention to return for another season, if his body permitted, after leading CSK to their fifth IPL title.

Confirming the development, Viswanathan stated, "Yes, it is true that Dhoni will be taking medical advice for his left knee injury and will make a decision accordingly." The nature of the treatment, including the possibility of surgery, will be determined after the medical reports are obtained, leaving the final decision in Dhoni's hands.

Will Dhoni opt out of playing next season, thereby freeing up INR 15 crore for the mini-auction? When asked about this possibility, Viswanathan stated, "Honestly, we haven't even contemplated that scenario yet. It will be entirely Dhoni's decision. However, I can assure you that within CSK, we haven't entertained such thoughts."

Regarding celebrations and whether franchise owner N Srinivasan addressed the players after their fifth IPL victory, Viswanathan replied, "He is delighted, but there were no extravagant celebrations. The players returned to their respective destinations from Ahmedabad. Moreover, if you observe CSK's history, we have never been extravagant with celebrations."

Reflecting on the team's fifth title win, despite facing injuries to key players, Viswanathan emphasized the significance of team spirit and every player understanding their well-defined roles within the team structure. He mentioned the positive influence of players like Ben Stokes, who set a brilliant example for the youngsters. The success of the team can be attributed to their captain's leadership.

CSK has consistently reached the final in ten out of the fourteen IPL editions they have participated in. When asked about their secret, Viswanathan, who has been associated with CSK since the inaugural season, attributed their success to sticking to their tried-and-tested process. The key lies in keeping things simple and ensuring that every player understands their responsibilities. In the CSK franchise, the captain maintains an environment of simplicity and clarity.

"Despite his immense stature, Ben Stokes' outstanding demeanor positively influenced the entire group, and the younger players held him in high regard. This credit goes to our captain."

CSK's remarkable consistency, reaching the finals in 11 out of the 14 editions they have participated in, can be attributed to their defining characteristic. Viswanathan, who has been associated with CSK since season 1, emphasized that they have always remained faithful to their established process. The key lies in maintaining simplicity and ensuring that every player comprehends their roles and responsibilities. Within our franchise, the skipper keeps everything straightforward," stated Viswanathan.

In conclusion, while the decision on Dhoni's participation in the next season remains uncertain, CSK remains focused on their team-oriented approach and the process that has brought them success throughout the years.

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